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Game Development with Phaser and TypeScript

In this course we will take a look at the game development process, starting with the idea and ending with the release, marketing and monetization. The game engine we will use is Phaser and we will writing the code with TypeScript. We will create a game from scratch and publish it on the android store, showing every step along the way.


Take a look at the lectures for this course.

1. Module Introduction

2. Game Development and Game Design

3. Introduction to TypeScript

4. Introduction to Version Control Systems

5. Phaser Basics with TypeScript

Introduction to Phaser with simple examples. Creating the template to be used in our game.

6. Cow Vs Butcher - Preloader and Boot

Starting our game. Setting up the project. Creating the Preloader and Boot States.

7. Cow Vs Butcher - Main Menu, Blood / Bones Emitters

Creating the main menu, blood, bones emitters.

8. Cow Vs Butcher - Creating Level One

9. Cow Vs Butcher - Creating Level Two

10. Cow Vs Butcher - Cow Jump, Double Jump and Throwing Items

11. Cow Vs Butcher - Buttons/UI and GMO Cow

12. Cow Vs Butcher - DA BUTCHA 🙂

13. Cow Vs Butcher - Chests, Difficulty and Game Over

14. Cow Vs Butcher - Platforms, Walls and BBQs

15. Cow Vs Butcher - Balancing and Bug Fixing

16. Cow Vs Butcher - Android Build and Finalizing