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Algorithms and Unity

This course will be separated into two parts. In the first one we will get back to Visual Studio and C#. We will take a look at the most basic data structures and how are they implemented. Then we will go on to algorithms, recursion, dynamic programming… – a bit more technical but it will be worthwhile in the end.

For the second part we will be creating a 2D, top-down game in Unity. This will take approximately 2-3 lectures. After that we will create some 3D demos. They will serve as a beginning for 3D development of different genres.


Take a look at the lectures for this course.

1. Module Introduction

2. Data Structures

3. Algorithms, Complexity and Sorting

4. Recursion and Combinatorial Algorithms

5. Dynamic Programming

6. Workshop 1 - QuickSort

7. Workshop 2 - MergeSort

8. Workshop 3 - Dictionary Implementation