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After many years of experience in the game industry we came to the idea to launch a Game Academy where people can learn, socialize, share their ideas and pursue a successful career in the game industry. We are offering a wonderful atmosphere, modern educational center, interesting and up to date lectures, responsible tutors and many opportunities for career development. We are happy to bring our knowledge to highly motivated and hard-working people, willing to learn and expand their knowledge, refine their ideas. What our team values the most is to present students with the opportunity to gain practical experience by working on innovative projects, using current technologies, frameworks, platforms and engines. Join us on our journey to explore the opportunities game development has to offer! Welcome to the World of Games at Zariba Game Academy!


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My name is Martin Antonov, age 24. I graduated Mathematics at the University of Warwick in 2012. Once I completed my studies at Warwick, I was appointed IB Mathematics SL/HL teacher at one of the best private secondary schools in Bulgaria. The year following I completed a one year course at the Telerik Software Academy.
I am also an entrepreneur and business advisor with multiple start-up projects and one successfully sold business, which I started when I was 17, among others. 
Currently, I am a Co-Founder, Game Developer and Game Designer at Fractal Games and a teaching fellow at Zariba Game Academy. 
I am highly addicted to computer games, tennis, chess, pool, snowboard and many others, so if you want to chat or have a game feel free to do so.


Stamen is currently working at Zariba Games, integrating a variety of SDKs for different games, most of them in Unity (but also with cocos2dx). 

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